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Seeding Minds is an innovative literacy program that promotes a love for reading and the cultural arts among urban youth, so as to empower the urban community with the skills needed to move forward intellectually and economically while remaining socially responsible. Understanding that youth are the foundation of our community, we are dedicated to presenting opportunities that will grow and enrich their minds, while encouraging self-determination, unity and respect for peers, parents and teachers.

A Seeding Minds event is an invitation to every V.I.K. (Very Important Kid) to enjoy a fun-filled day that includes readings from local authors, motivational sessions by celebrities, creative writing workshops, storytelling, entertainment, and arts & crafts. We also invite community partners such as the United Way, Boys & Girls Club and YMCA to come and share information about their resources with the parents and teachers in attendance.

Future Seeding Minds initiatives will include author readings in the schools, an online reading club, workshops, and ticket giveaways to cultural events. The Seeding Minds mascot Soul Bread is also available for appearances at community events.

We invite you to join us in planting seeds of creativity in our children. Together we can watch them grow, and be filled with wonder and all the excitement that life has to offer.


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